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Ken completed a Lean assessment for a mutual manufacturing client. The assessment was thorough, thoughtful and included many suggestions for improvement. I look forward to implementing many of those suggestions and working with Ken in the future.

Fred Pieplow
President of Manna Management

Jarob was aware of the basic principles of Lean Manufacturing, but had yet to make any serious effort towards implementing it. We recognized the benefits of Lean and were looking for the best avenue to implement - enter Ken Lundquist! Ken learned of our intent to explore Lean through a mutual acquaintance and quickly offered his consultation services to us. After an initial meeting he was eager to start assessing our facilities and processes and went directly to work within a few business days.

Ken was very personable with his interviewing and inquiry of our employees, always being respectful towards their need to continue on with their work duties (which was very much appreciated by our foremen!). He spent a considerable amount of time observing our manufacturing floors while always maintaining a "blend-in" profile. Our floor workers felt comfortable with Ken's demeanor and method of interaction.

Daily Ken would sit with me and share his findings and thoughts from the day and discuss his plans for the next visit. He and I started developing a foundation for implementing Lean processes very early on. Ken's onsite visits were wrapped up in approx. 2 weeks; at that point he had already submitted several documents for my reference.

Within our requested time frame, Ken presented his findings in a PowerPoint presentation which was very well received by all who attended. Ken's verbal accompaniment of the slide show was specific and personable, often referring to many of our shop floor workers by name. The content used was in direct referral to Jarob operations without getting lost in Lean theory. It was obvious that Ken was efficient with the short amount of time he spent observing our operations.

We at jarob were significantly pleased with our whole experience with Ken Lundquist. The nature of our manufacturing contains many challenges and variables; Ken did an excellent job of taking his knowledge and applying it to our needs. I would not hesitate to recommend his services to any manufacturer seeking Lean solutions.

Ronald Kerner
Vice President of Operations Jarob, Inc.

We asked Ken to come in to share his expertise in the manufacturing field. He came prepared with a wealth of information and insight. We are now setting new goals and standards based on his time with us. Ken went above and beyond addressing our needs and we will work with him again when the opportunity  presents itself. 

Jonathan Kraker

Manager of Marketing and Business Development 

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