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Ken Lundquist – President

With more than 40 years in manufacturing and 27 of them strategically applying lean manufacturing principles, Ken has a mission to share his knowledge with small manufacturers so that they can benefit from techniques extensively used by successful manufacturing companies of all sizes.

His 17 years in plant management with full P&L responsibility for a highly profitable plant makes him qualified to help you achieve sustainable profitability. With a BSIE and MBA, Ken has held positions in all aspects of manufacturing operations. These include:

  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Manufacturing Engineering Manager
  • Plant (Facilities) Engineer
  • Materials Manager
  • Plant Manager
  • Division Manufacturing Manager Over Multiple Facilities
  • Division Supply Chain Manager
  • Division Lean Manufacturing Manager

The Road to Lean Manufacturing Expertise

Ken learned about lean manufacturing on his own after becoming aware of the Toyota Production System while on a joint venture assignment in Japan in 1982.

Upon his return to the States, he read books and attended seminars along with his manufacturing engineers and began applying selected cost-effective lean tools (setup reduction and cellular manufacturing) with immediate success.

As JIT and later lean manufacturing became more broadly accepted, Ken had formal training from various well-known lean experts.

Accomplishments in the Industry

Ken's career is full of a variety of assignments and positions with numerous notable accomplishments:

  • Participated in two foreign joint venture studies
  • Participated in two acquisition integrations
  • Oversaw three plant expansions
  • Oversaw the consolidation of three plants into two
  • Through the successful application of lean manufacturing, avoided a fourth expansion by generating enough free floor space to accommodate ten million dollars of additional manufacturing equipment
  • Took a market share of a major product line from 33% to 85% by applying lean manufacturing and employing strategic business operations planning
  • Increased sales from $48M to $150M